The double single Kwiatostany (English: Inflorescences) is a fruit of song-creating work which took place during the Songwriting Camp ZAiKS in September, 2021 in Zakopane. The presented songs were created in groups led by Bass Astral (Kwiatostany) and Julia Marcell (Mamo, mamo), polished into the final shape and released by the duo of Milito & Carpenter. The greatest contribution to this is the production work of Peter Carpenter, an artist who combines passion for electronics, orchestral compositions and the atmosphere of the 1980s. 

Kwiatostany is a song about unity understood as the love ecstasy of all that is, which takes place mystically inside the individual who is the creator of their cosmic home. The metaphorical nature of the piece reveals a multitude of interpretations –  we have spiritual and erotic threads here, and everything is accompanied by a trance, disco, movie-like atmosphere. The female vocal in the chorus and bridge of the song is a voice of Magda Mongird, a camp participant. Mamo, mamo (Mother, mother) is a totally different song – it’s about the moment of realizing something important, painful and beautiful, as if the resistance we put up against life because of fear has subsided, and this life with a multitude of experiences has filled us to the brim. The ambient, distant backing vocals are the interweaving voices of the aforementioned Magda, Vizi Imre and Julia Marcell.

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