Fot. Małgorzata Chlebowska


Music is my home, a snail-like sanctuary. It’s always with me. I can see and feel it sometimes so much that I just become it. My molecules are a choir of little tadpoles. We all celebrate the unity of the universe. We are obedient and therefore rebellious. We rejoice and suffer. We have one goal – a union of thoughts, beliefs and actions. The music we give you is a child of this Consent, a combination of the impossible – pop and underground, and poetry, and punk, and strength, and delicacy, and femininity, and masculinity, and maturity, and childishness, and spirituality, and body art … It’s body work. The body is sacred to me, even when it is overgrown with sarcomas like an anemone. I just love it. Wipe yourself up, put your headphones on and dance with me.

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